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Norwegian slang for haschish. A narcotic drug that is made from rolling the leaves of the Cannabis Sativa or Indica plants together and collecting the oil, then drying it in order to smoke the dried oil.

More intense than Marijuana.

Also known as "Rev", "Bønne", "Brunt" etc etc
"Har du noe tjall på deg?"
(Got any "tjall"?)
"Bare ei lita flis."
(Just a tiny little bit.)
by Pelle Fucktard September 09, 2009
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Norwegian street name for a narcotic drug that is smoked trough regular tobacco or with water pipe, also known as "hasj" or "Mariuhana" etc
Do you have some tjall to sell?
Yeah sure, you got money?
yeah ofc follow me...
by Berlewood May 26, 2007
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