To dress 'Tizzy'


A type of dress code. It's not formal, semi formal. It's elegant but not piss-elegant. It's something noice that you and your friends will comfortable in.
"Dress code is Dress Tizzy (some colour please 🥰🙏) xx"

Whitby Wonder 2022

"I want something elegant, though." "No, I want something that I'm going to feel comfortable and my friends will feel comfortable with. Um. I know. Dress Tizzy"
-Kath Day Knight 2002 (Kath & Kim S01E07 - Party)
by Caseyofbeers April 23, 2022
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word that came from the hill distric in pittsburgh. can be used to explain truth. Also can mean yes
Bob- yo i just saw a brezzy gettin shot up der.
shakika- TIZZY!!! u fo real
did u kill latishas dog
tizzy i did
by Dan Borsani & Joel Wurschmidt October 14, 2005
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The best person you will ever meet. He has an awesome personality and makes funny jokes. He shines when there is no sun...
Tizzy walked through the crowd. Everytime he looked back, people were shielding his eyes due his brightness.
by Dr. Crazzy March 16, 2009
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1) a slang term for the word “town.”

2) any place where one goes to score some go-go juice.
Matt: Yo yo! I’m goin to tizzy to scroltch some go-go juice, full throttle. If you want me to snag you some 12 oz curls you gotta gimme that mad mozzarella.
by A. Quick August 23, 2007
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cool, tight, an adj. used to describe
that mother fella crackalaka is tizzy!
by bojangles July 31, 2003
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The best rapper to ever bless the streets of Sci Town
Guy 1: You hear about Tizzy? I heard he was at the top
Guy 2: Yeah, catching a bop
by NateLiljohn January 28, 2018
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