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Wayniiboi is a YouTube web-reality show about a teenaged boy Duane Newson. The show gets vary little ratings, and is filmed by a cell phone camera. One episode is when this racist white girl who calls herself Blondy Tales goes up to a Chinese girls, and pounds fists together. the white gets pissed and calls her a bitch. The bitchy and mean girls at Ridley High School. The show do have funny moments, but is focused on fighting and negativity. YouTube shouldn't allow a show called Wayniiboi.
Person 1: Did you see Wayniiboi 2 episode 3 with that crazy white girl???
Person 2: Yeah! that video is terrible and it has no dislikes!
by Aihc July 24, 2013
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(T)icked off.


(R)eady to cry.

(E)xtremely upset.

by Aihc November 26, 2013
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Summer reading is when your teachers at your school assign a shitty book to read, that will last the whole summer. And half the kids ever bother to read, because they are bussy getting drunk or jacking off, except the nerdy kids. And by time the kids get back to school, there is always a essay or test about the book. And the honors classes had it worst! They must complete a whole project! (I can't!).
Teacher: your summer reading assignment is to read every single page of Paper Towns.

Student: *reads one chapter* this book is butt ass!

(New semester)

Teacher: pop test on the book you should have read. Will cout as 50% as your final grade.
by Aihc July 22, 2013
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