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Awesome tall blond, skinny, gerogios Green eyes.Shes Verry pritty and doesnt wair that much make up. she doesnt cair if the guy she is with is HOT or CUTE she like a guy for the way he treats her and the way he acts not the way he looks. Shes sweet, keeps to herself and she doesnt cair what others say about her, Shes a kind loving person who live in the country and goes to a small school, any guy would be lucky to have her. Once you have her dont let her go.
KID 1 WOW THat Tiphanie Chick is awesome and shes so pritty to.

KID 2 I know right she keeps to herself i love that
by TIffany love Ice.cream December 19, 2012
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a spoiled child that whines and complains constantly until anyone around her goes insane.
Tiphanie needs to be beaten, I've never met a child that rotten.
by Danni Martini May 16, 2011
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