A term used to describe something that is either of low quality, has a poor reputation or is unknown altogether, has an insignificant history or any combination of the aforementioned. The term is often used to describe English football (that's soccer to our Yankee & Aussie friends) clubs that occupy the lower reaches of the English footballing pyramid. These clubs are characterised by;

a) Terrible quality of football, often of amateur and semi-professional standards and occassionally even pub side quality,
b) Very small fanbases resulting in low attendance figures and small travelling crowds (away support in football parlance),
c) Diminutive and often run-down stadiums with poor amenities (portable toilets in place of functioning bathrooms), minimal seating and cover, often resulting in spectators being exposed to the harsh conditions of the English weather,
d) A baren trophy cabinet, or if they are lucky, a handful of local cups on a shelf that nobody outside of the club has heard of,
e) A shocking bank balance as the clubs just about manage to pay the bills. However, in recent years more often than not the clubs end up in administration,
f) Having to go back to 1927 to find an occassion or person that would be deemed to be notweorthy in the world of English football. Often, upon coming across a fan of a more reputable club, they will eagerly tell said fan of their grand days of the 1927/28 season in an attempt to make their club seem relevant,
''Last Tuesday night we was away to tinpot Bristol Rovers and as usual we was confined to the open terraces of the East Stand, exposed to the pissing rain and lashing winds. It was grim as fuck, made only worse by the excuse of a football game we witnessed along with 3,000 other miserable fans.'' - said the fan of equally tinpot Southend United to his mate.

''I couldn't believe Accrington Stanley. The tinpot shites brought all of 28 fans to the match last night.'' - said an enraged fan of tinpot Gillingham.

''Did you hear about AFC Wimbledon? They're bankrupt and could be heading into administration soon. They were only formed in 2002, the useless tinpots.'' - said a stunned Barnet fan.

''We're Fleetwood Town and we won the Lancashire Combination Cup in 1926!'' - chanted the 48 away fans of tinpot Fleetwood Town.
by TinpotFan April 22, 2013
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A crappy little Football club who have never acheived anything, have very few supporters and generally have a rubbish stadium.
Wigan only took 500 to Blackburn on Saturday how Tinpot are they?
by Gilbert the 13th March 13, 2012
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Featherstone Rovers are the very definition of a tinpot club.
by Leyther7 December 28, 2020
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Villa are so tinpot there trophy cabinet needs 927 Cleaners to clean of all the dust”
by BCFC4EVER May 5, 2019
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The name for dictators in small countries that think they are more important than they are. The term comes from how children play soldier by putting a kitchen pot on their heads to make people think they are real soldiers. Tinpot despots have a lot less influence in the world than they think they do. They often use military forve to get what they want.
Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya are considered tinpot despots. Sudan, Eritrea, Chad, and Equatorial Guinea also have tinpot despots as leaders as well.
by running_late February 26, 2011
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A fan that doesn't stick it out with their club and only supports them when they're winning, the opposite of a true fan.
"You're such a tinpot fan, stop moaning about your form"
by Jevans91 November 4, 2016
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Guy 1: Bro did you see how bad Tottenham has started this season?

Guy 2: No? Why would I be concerned about a tinpot club who has won nothing for 13+ years?
by 04132029 November 4, 2021
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