The feeling you get when you smoke too much dope and you go into zombie mode.
1: "wanna go out clubbin later?"

2: "no mang im way too tinned"

1: "your a tinnerbro"
by MC BRICKS July 16, 2009
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Getting really drunk to the point where you cannot look after yourself and your dignity is missing, specifically off canned alcoholic beverages. e.g emu export
Guy 1: "Fuck Bazza's absolutely tinned tonight ay."

Guy 2: "Yeh he should've taken it easy on those cold tinnies earlier on."

Bazza: "......................tinnies." *vomits on self*
by notbazza'smate October 27, 2012
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When you let water get near molten metal such as tin, causing the water to boil and spray molten metal on you.
Fuck man, Johnny tried to cast the inside of a log and got tinned. Now he’s in the hospital with third-degree burns.
by Mullet Man 05 May 12, 2021
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me to friend: "here you look like tin tin mate"
friend: "aye"
by bigmanjapan June 20, 2018
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Penis or pee, related to the german po po. Its what you use when your a little kid and don't know what to call the thing in between your legs.
by kurcps February 28, 2009
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A complete roaster of a child

A Difficult stubborn complainer that is never happy
That boy is a tin
by Big Poppa Savage July 7, 2023
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1.A tightly packaged can of dipping tobacco used to make the dip user "mad buzzed", always paired off with a trusty spitter. Usually done in a social environment full of other dip users. There are many types of tins that come in a variety of flavors (mint, berry, wintergreen, straight, peach, vanilla, toasted marshmallow, etc.) Sometimes flavors are mixed together to make a dip hybrid (ex. Vanilla and Cherry =Cherry Vanilla or Peach and Mint = minty and fruity lip). Always pack your tin before you indulge in the delicious tin.

2. A person, place, or thing. Substituted for a noun in a sentence. Referring to a person or some sort of object.
Yo man did you bring your tin? I've got a cravin for big fat lip

What are you tins doing today? Going to the tin?
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