The name is very common because of a Persian defines the most awesome person and caring. Usually you will fall in love with him on the first look. Timors have a large hard cock.
-Is that a Timor
-> it is, I thing I am in love
by lover200258 September 27, 2011
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An indie horror game, gaining a small amount of popularity when the YouTuber Markiplier played it. The game itself was created by Vidas Salavejus on the popular gaming website known as GameJolt. Playing the game, or mentioning it will cause you to itch profusely.
"ow, everything itches when I play this game called Nox Timore."

"Nox Timore is cursed, it makes everything itch, fuck you Vidas Salavejus."
by some guy who likes memes February 4, 2018
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East Timor is a former Portuguese colony on the Island of Timor. 9 days after gaining independence from Portugal, it was immediately raped by Indonesia. The UN forced Indonesia to grant them independence in 1999. Mostly Irrelevant
I can't believe my Teacher expects me to find East Timor on a map
by Rivalnator September 28, 2017
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The coloration on the toilet paper after a woman on her period wipes after just gets done slurping up some hot semen into her cunt hole followed by a steamy shit and piss parade. After she runs said toilet paper from the tip of her clam meat all the way through the clit canal to the shit covered asshole and pulls it out to look at it, it would resemble the East Timor Flag; white yellow red and blackish/brown.
Big Easy: Breh, be glad your single. I just saw the sickest shit ever, literally.

Tyrant: let me guess, you stood in the kitchen table and crapped right into your dogs mouth and while Colt was chewing on the pipe, steam was oozing out the side of his mouth?

Big Easy: Huh? Nah man my wife is on the rag and I just pounded the ever living Shit out of her for a good 4 minutes. I go upstairs and sitting right in the unflushed potty is the East Timor Flag.
by Uncle Gary's Potato Farm January 8, 2021
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showing or suffering from nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence.

easily frightened
The timorous kitten would not come out from under the bed.
by joyful coffee January 13, 2022
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