A telepathic connection you have with someone. It is like I.M. but with "telepathic" brain waves.
Person 1: So what do you think about the new Nelly Furtado C.D.?
Person 2: OMG, I was just gonna ask you that!
Person 1: That is totally our T.I.M.!
by Coco Rosenberg October 17, 2006
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An acronym which means:

Guy: I like missionary style sex and TIM.

Woman: I'll give you some TIM first and then we can do it like missionaries.
by Tim Jerome November 18, 2007
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Legend tells that in Australia there lurks a Tim so sexual that girls who come within 1 kilometer of him are magnetized toward him by an unknown force.All women love him and he can have any babe he wants. He is in the Guiness World Records for the longest penis, with a beast that spans the whole of Australia 5 times. He is known for being able to have sex for long amounts of time not capable
To any other mortal man and unleash many untried positions.
Look at that guy over there he must be a tim
I got sucked onto a tim yesterday
I gave tim a blowjob last week
by Lebrontim November 03, 2008
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I'm lacing up my tims, then I am going to kick your azz.
by Panama_Kanal August 25, 2003
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A pretty cool guy who likes to talk and joke a lot if you're his friend but is pretty quiet if he doesn't know you.
You think you're funny? Try talking to Tim without laughing.
by SgtDK September 26, 2008
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