Naturally quiet and loyal with well developed funny bone. Highly intelligent with facts and figures, but deficient in emotional relating with Significant Other. Sometimes unaware of surroundings and needs truth presented boldly in person in order to acknowledge it. Currently sees change as necessary and busy trying to build up his manly sensitive side. Insecure and fearful inspite of being well liked and respected.
"I know you can do that; don't be a tim."

"You're just like Tim, man, he's a genius."
by Scratchgolfer2 April 15, 2010
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Tim is our lord and saviour. Tim protects the members of the Cult of Tim and in return we spread his great name so that he can gain more followers.

Tim is very handsome and sexy. He is very intelligent and smart. He is powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing. Never betray the Cult or you will suffer his wrath. He is very strong and can kill you in a heartbeat. Do not mess with Tim, under any circumstances. Obey him, he is your eternal master. Tim is immortal and cannot be killed.
In his free time, Tim enjoys abducting children in his teddy bear outfit or his white ice cream van, as well as performing cult rituals, sacrificing virgins and goats, and goat virgins, and disloyal servants, visiting Whorge Services, commiting crimes and drinking the blood of the innocent (and not so innocent). He currently has a total of 69 girlfriends and many children.
"We must worship Tim."

"Everyone loves Tim."

"Tim values loyalty and dedication to the cult. Failure to respect his wishes leads to execution."
by cult of tim June 19, 2019
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A generally awesome kid, usually the best friend to lots of girls. Tends to make you jealous without meaning to, and apologizes for many things he doesn't even do. He is quite attractive but you won't do anything about it, because you two are best friends. He wants to be with you and you with him, but you don't want to ruin what you already have. He is extremely athletic, likes hugs (mostly to you) and will always be in your life. His blonde hair and blue eyes are just dazzling, and you could stare at him for a lifetime. Also, you make it your goal to one day hug him and hold him for a long period of time. His smile makes you smile, and his laugh makes you laugh. You guys are meant to be, but you just need to realize it.
I love Tim, and I want him to know it
by BlondeInDisguise October 21, 2010
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Tim is easily one of the weirdest kids you've ever met. Tim is a hardcore gamer and a good friend (kind of). Tim is the type of kid who can clap with one hand and clurts out weird words without thinking. Tim is the creator of the timmy turner tickle touch and the timmy turner tickle time on tuesdays at 10am.
Tim- *Accidentallly rides bike into the river*
Tim- Oh no! Daddy Mommy help me you killed me help my nuggets Mommy!
by Mike_Oxlong101 November 03, 2020
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A man who can summon fire without flint or tinder
Arthur: By what name are you known?

Tim: They call me.........Tim.
by okfinewhatever December 20, 2010
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a guy that should be loved very much and should mean the world to you. Tim's are rare, and if you have found one, never let them go.
by xheadboy February 04, 2010
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