a long bitch flexing her high ecerytime she sees a shorty person. she's pretty tho.😎
tim just bullied me bcz i am short.
by kims brother June 11, 2020
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A straight up asshole. Breaks you heart if you will ever date him.. Dark eyes like the inside of a sewer, rage monster and terrible skater. Not very intelligent in many ways and a bad gamer.

Never trust a Tim.
Mary: *sighs*
John: Whats wrong?
Mary: Never trust a Tim
by Puberty_hit November 12, 2019
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The dude who sends unrequested hentai in the group chat. Usually drives a car that could just as well be found under overcompensation. Always looking for a big titty goth gf. Plays a lot of dark souls and refers to himself only as fat wanker whenever he eats.
by TheLegendaryGiantDad January 30, 2020
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Gore blimey is this guy fat, I mean huge, enoumous, gigantic.
Also he is diabetic but has a tight ass and is very fat. This guy is huge, morbidly obese, fat, boulder like.
Guy: Fuck me that Tim gay is sooo fat
Anyone: you aren't wrong he is very morbid and horny
by Mich pike December 05, 2019
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my parents: *name me tim*
also my parents: know your fucking place, TRASH
by ThisDudeIsTrash April 14, 2020
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Tim is a gay Small dick power bottom who will leave you unsatisfied and completely turned off
Person 1: did you hear about Tim and jack

Person 2: yeah he sucks in bed

Person 1: wtf do you know that

Person 2: stfu
by Human.bitch March 22, 2020
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A man with an extremely large nose
Yoooo did u see how big the new guys nose is it’s almost like Tim
by Dumbturtle6789 January 08, 2020
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