A rundown port town in Essex, England. Heavily polluted, high crime rate, impoverished, even chavs are scared to walk around this town at night. If for some weird reason you decide to visit this town, wear a bullet proof vest, bring a baseball bat (though a gun is much better), dont make eye contact with anyone, dont talk in a posh accent, dont look rich, dont talk in an american accent and tie your car to something with a thick chain so it doesent get stolen (you DONT want to get stranded in this town).
Tilbury, a fantastic town if; your suicidal, you like fighting, you like to get high off the fumes that hang around in the air.
by they call me mr bombastic August 14, 2008
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A book that contains the most boring information that anyone could ever assemble.
It is the real life version of "Skynet" from Terminator. In my opinion the Tilbury well weaken free thought of our young generation and create a world of zombies.

teacher:ok class, get out your tillbury so work on some stuff that has nothing to do with chemistry.

Me: F*ck the tilbury!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ralph's card September 16, 2007
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something which someone saves you like a drink or some food but which is so small it’s not worth even being saved. A good example is if someone says they are going to give you some of their popcorn but all they leave you is the kernels
Can I have some of that popcorn?

Yeah, Here’s tilbury saves

You pikey, you’ve only left me the kernels
by Holb September 27, 2020
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when an old woman (40's - 60's) has sex with a younger man (17 - 25).
guy1: man, that woman is a milf!

guy2: uurgh! that tilbury fucker!
by woodydirtygoods January 8, 2010
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People who live in tilbury and look like tramps
These tilbury towners are moist
by Talibad June 29, 2017
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