Claiming that people who are active, healthy and God forbid have the slightest care about their physical appearance are terrible, shallow people. This makes it more acceptable to eat cake all day and never see the light of day or walk anywhere. This practice of shaming was made up by the larger members of society who have less self esteem and try to make it look out of the norm to be fit and healthy. This kind of practice makes it seem more normal for someone to be on a scooter at age 30 with no joint problems compared to someone who regular goes to the gym.
Kelly: You eat too healthy and are way to active! Your so shallow!

Pete: No, your just fit shaming me so you feel better about your body...
by Average Guy1243 March 30, 2014
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The act of one bro (or bros) making fun of someone for not lifting as much as them even though one of them is more fat than fit themselves.
Justin: you can't lift as much as me, you're such a bitch

Alex: you're just fit shaming me because you're still fat even though you go to the gym 6 days a week
by AlexFam April 24, 2017
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