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A black person who has stripes all along their body
I went to the park yesterday and saw a bunch of Tiggerniggers.
by SafeXTC July 10, 2008
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a person of black decent which is currently in jail. Derived from the black and white jumpsuits dealt to black inmates.
Damn did you here what happened to Jamal after got rolled??

Ya dude, i hear he's a tiggernigger now!

by justanotherracist1 September 16, 2008
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A person with two parents of the opposite races. i.e. white mother and black father

word comes from the black stripes on tigger's (a tiger) back. originates in kentucky

also can mean a white person acting black

Look at that tigger nigger over there stealing that crack rock

that tigger nigger has his pants down to his knees, someone go stomp that white boy
by I Cum On Jews August 01, 2008
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