A mother who is overly strict with her child in order to foster an academically competitive spirit. This form of upbringing is intended to direct a child towards financially successful careers at the potential risk of feeling emotionally unfulfilled and/or socially inept.

The concept of Tiger Mother or Tiger Parent has been widely depicted in international media, including films such as Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971), The Joy Luck Club (1993), Vitus (2006), and most recently in a book written by Yale law professor Amy Chua describing herself (2011).
Which one would motivate you to pwn everyone in calculus this semester? A Tiger Mother or a cougar?

My homey thinks he has a Tiger Mother when what he really has is a milf.

If Tiger's mother were a Tiger Mother, he would be humping his wife instead of banging all them stripper trim from Orlando to L.A.
by yale1 January 22, 2011
shape one's behavior by yelling, forcing, insulting, name calling, and other hard-line tactics, bordering with emotional abuse.
Wife: Honey, our daughter does not seem to focus on anything except parties and blow jobs. She hasn't done any of her high school work for a week
Husband: We might have to tiger mother her.
by jjsk1 January 20, 2011
A Mother Tiger is someone who will always look out for you when you need help, she will always be very kind and considerate to others, never make her feel bad, never loose her
by 123ABEE January 23, 2018
Meaning Not to cut you off, or you'll beat him/her up, and have sexual intercourse with his/her's mother
You: I was making a new drawi-

Him/Her: Did You Guys hear about Jason's new GF?!

You: Don't Kanye Me, or I'll Chris Brown you, and Tiger Woods your Mother
by GoodlukXIII March 6, 2010
Dont mess with me or ill whup ur ass and fuck ur mother
Kid 1: Ur a fatass
Kid 2:Dont kanye me or ill chris brown u and tiger woods ur mother
Kid1: Ok My bad dude im sorry
by BigBoiBurney February 17, 2010