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Inconspicuously refering to a female's abundance of breasts.

Derived from the phrase: Big Ol Titties.
DAMN! Lisa got some tig ol bitties
by Q April 30, 2004
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A funny way to say "Big 'ol titties"
Used as a phrase, like as seen in Aqua Teen Hunger Force
"She had some tig 'ol bitties"
"Yeah...she shure did.."
by Arshen January 29, 2006
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the biggest set of tits youv set your virgin eyes on
I went over to kims house and her tig ol' bitties were like"snap"
by chase October 24, 2003
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1: Big, fat ass titties that are incredibly large and juicy. Enjoyed by both males and females everywhere.

2: Titties that are incredibly large in porportion to the female body they are attached to.
1: "Now Ms. I'm gonna half to axe you to flop dem tig ol' bitties on this herr table."

2: "DAMN!!!! Lorenda's got some TIG OL' BITTIES!!!
by Bide August 28, 2005
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Large, bodacious breasts on the chest of a women who may or may not have any attractive value other than the sheer massive proportion of her chest.
She ain't too hot boy, but she got some Tig-Ol-Bitties!!!
by Buck May 09, 2003
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Its just 'big ol tittys' re-arranged
look at them tig ol bittys!
by doodee pie August 28, 2003
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