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Tier 1: An individual you consider marriage material and is both physical and mentally attractive.

Tier 2: An individual who you date exclusively and is highly attractive, but you aren't sure or you don't believe you will settle down with this person.

Tier 3: An individual you would not seriously date exclusively date. This person is attractive but is most likely a booty call or a friend with benefits.

Tier 4: An individual you are not physically attracted to sexually, but you consider them a friend.

Tier 5: A lagoon creature who should never see the light of day.
Most of the girls I date are Tier 2 but they may be promoted to Tier 1 after I date them for a while. The Tier System helps classify how serious a relationship is.
by eekcmnad October 28, 2009
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The Tier System is a much symplified version of the 1-10 system of rating attractiveness based upon first impressions. It works as follows:

Tier 0 : Most attractive possible individual who is also rich and famous.
Tier 1 : Most attractive possible individual who is not rich or famous.
Tier 2 : Very attractive but not in the same league as Tier 1 individuals.
Tier 3 : Somewhat unattractive but acceptable in a pinch.
Tier 4 : Completely unattractive and unacceptable in all sexual contexts.
It is easy to talk about women using the Tier System becasue everyone knows exactly what you are saying.
by Kevin October 11, 2003
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