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Serial killing superhuman beast that has been released by the Blue into Greenville. There is no way to stop him. Has totaled an approximate 65 victims in his reign.
Super Beast just killed another Greener. HAH!!
by Anonymous the Poster July 09, 2003
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Natural evolution of the beast meat.

Like beast meat only exponentially higher body mass index.

Superbeast generally creates enough mass to create gravity wells that can extend into 4th dimentional non-euclidean space.

Apparently superbeast's gravitational inflence is the only thing stopping the earth from crashing into the sun. The Moon actually orbits superbeast, not the earth, who's gravity is dwarfed by that fat bitch.

Has kidneys the size of dobermans and breath that always smells like onion gravy.
Dude, stick a bin on her head and she'd be juggernaut!

My good fucking god, the sun!! wheres the sun?? Oh, its just superbeast walking by..

"Superbeast want pancakes... NOW!!!"
by beastmeat September 23, 2005
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