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Tiegan is a female name meaning "little princess in a big valley". Tiegan is a very good looking woman who is bright and intelligent. Everyone wants a Tiegan beacause she is the most perfect girl in the world!
OMG that girls so sexy! she must be a Tiegan!
by May 27, 2011
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Tiegan is the meaning for ''little princess in a big valley'' she is stunning and usually named from blond beautiful hair. She always knows how to sort the more hurtful situations out whenever their friend needs a hand
Oh look it's a tiegan!
Wow she is gorgeous, that blond hair really makes her face shine
by Teella June 19, 2016
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Tiegan is a great friend, will never let you down and always makes you happy. She is they type of person to hide something from you, and won't tell you anything. She gets annoyed very easily, but she won't tell you why. She is an anime freak, the good kind! Tiegan sometimes gets really depressed, and she will keep it from everyone. But Tiegan is the best person you can have around. ALSO SHE HAS A HUGE BOOTY and great tits🙏
Person 1: Omg dude, there's Tiegan!
Person 2: She's so hot! Omg I wish I could date her...
by Lovegurl❤ March 08, 2017
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Tiegan means beautiful, good in bed, attractive and can get trough anything. Tiegan means big boobs. It is a welsh name.
Wow is that Tiegan she's good in bed!
by isamsoubercool May 24, 2011
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Tiegan is an Irish name meaning Strong. A man named Tiegan has an amazing personality, and is very good looking. Men call other men who are named Tiegan, weird. Only because they wished they had a Legendary Tiegan genitalia. He's super awesome with women and he's always looking very nice in the clothes he picks out. If you mess with a Tiegan he will mess your day up, and if your nice to Tiegan. He will spare you in later barfights. Almost all women want to be with Tiegan, too. Mainly because he's a gentleman and he's hot. So next time you see a Tiegan. Give the man RESPECT.
Example: "Damn dude, that's a Tiegan? Let's get out of here before he beats my ass!

Example: (Girl): "Tiegans amazing in bed and he knows me like the palm of his hand! He's SUCH a gentleman."
by TangoSierra1775 March 29, 2011
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Tiegan is a name meaning ‘little princess in a big valley’ and is an original name from Ireland. Usually, Tiegans are unique and very shy. However when she ‘comes out of her shell’ she will none stop talking.. Tiegan is a rare name and it originated from Ireland in 1882 from a rich lady who had 3 children... Commonly there are chances of Tiegans becoming very stubborn and hyper when they eat loads of sweets.
Wow, that girl is beautiful and looks very inderpendant, she must be a Tiegan.
by Teella January 01, 2018
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