Johnny got some cheap tido, taped a picture of his Mum to her lower back, then started slagging all over her arse.
by Da Fuck Master September 24, 2006
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Tido is usually a special name for someone who finds that standing out, and showing the world his sense of pride is what makes him original always finding a base of life.
(Tee-Dough) (T-Dow)


"Your steeze has no originality like one in five"
"My Tido is one in one million"
by TheBasedTruth November 07, 2010
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To throw 110% effort into the pursuit of a lady, yet still set off her gaydar.

Someone who's testicles have mysteriously grown in the wrong place since birth
He really thought he was in there, but it turned out that he had Tidoed.

And then Moontel shakes hands with this Tido, who, I shit you not, had em growing off his chin, dude.
by Guevara-sha March 22, 2004
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Dumb canadian warez wh0re who begs people for shells and topsites, usually offering things he doesn't have in return.
Yo man, I know you want on dis fat FTP, but you ain't gotta TIDO me for it!
by kino May 02, 2003
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