A hoe ass bitch whose lega are open 24/7 just like McDonalds.
Person 1 : who's the new person are they single?
Person 2 : I would if I were you they're such a Tia!
by Unknown xxd December 03, 2019
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She is kind and loving but she’s a bit of a hoe πŸ˜’
Hi tia you slept with so many men at the party

Tia: yeah I didn’t know how to choose between them so I gave them all a chocolate bar :)
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by Ttiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr January 05, 2020
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Tia is a over weight mindfuck. She has low self esteem and falls for people too quickly, she is very easily pissed. She loves Ryan's , Hugh's , Sean's and calvins . She would side buck anyone of them.
Buck a bear teletubby

Oh that's Tia
by Mindfuck101 March 19, 2018
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An absolute slag so mean and annoying self obsessed
Why u obsessed with the mirror stop being such a tia
by Twatmaster06 October 15, 2019
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shes a really fit chick and likes ibi fr also loves ditto
yo dawg have u seen tia shes so fit
by not ditto August 29, 2019
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