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a mix between a thot and a twat

to excessively be a bad bitch
Damn, Isabelle is such a thwat look at her with all of those guys.

Damn, Isabelle and Emily totally thwated it up at the club last night.
by Emily the thwat September 09, 2016
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Saying 'that' with a tone of 'what', usually used when the second mention of the thing you don't actually know what it is.
'Check out this thing, it's gonna make money for us!'
'Seriously what is that?'
The next day...
'Look how much fortunes I got!'
'With thwat?!'
by R&M INDUSTRY May 28, 2014
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A thwat is a womens genitals or vagina.
The girl i slpet with last night had a horrible thwat
Go on love, show us ya thwat
Get your thwat out!
by Giles16 October 30, 2008
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A onomatopoeic portmanteau of, "Thwack," and, "Twat."
1. A set of female genitalia in which the labia majora are excessively fat to the extent where the rest of the vagina is obstructed from view.
2. The lower pubic region of an obese woman in which the inner thighs and labia majora are indistinguishable, both being rolls of fat which press up against each other to result in an incomprehensible pile of flesh.
Forget phat. This girl had such a total thwat, that I couldn't tell if I was fucking her vag or she was giving me a thigh job.
by RRRun January 25, 2018
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