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Samantha let me beat that thussy up last night, she is such a thot.
by Captainthussy April 17, 2016
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Vagina given freely by a free spirited, uninhibited woman.
The girl I met at the club last night gave up that thussy in the bathroom. It was the most awesome sex I've had with a midget.
by cheencheen March 31, 2015
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What you see when you think a woman in a skirt is going as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct and you are seeing her goods. In fact, what you see is the area where her upper thighs are touching and the shadow cast by the skirt gives the illusion of seeing her actual genitalia. It is the Thigh Pussy - shortened to "thussy". This phenomenon is more prevalent in women with generously proportioned thighs.
Dude 1: Check out that hot chick across the bar in the short skirt! I can totally see her pussy!

Dude 2: No way man. Take a closer look. That is just her thussy.
by keywest4life October 09, 2014
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