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When one is afflicted by food poisoning or 'the shits', and you are confined to staying on the toilet producing inhuman quantities of faecal matter for up to several days.
I.E. "Ride the thunderbucket"
"Something in that burrito didn't go down well... had to ride the Thunderbucket all night last night!"

"If I eat that i'll definatly have to ride the thunderbucket."
by wordsandthings September 03, 2011
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A bucket (usually kept under the bed) used to deficate in before the use of indoor plumbing.
Mom, its too fucking cold to go all the way to the outhouse, im using the thunder bucket.
by Patrick Mulligan March 31, 2006
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When someone pours a bucket of water on someone as they are defacating, soaking them and their toilet paper. Works best in open roofed stalls.
by DangerDog January 06, 2010
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When your camping outdoors or you live in mizura ( state of mo),and you have to shit in five gallon bucket but only fart and the whole camphears it which leads to rolling thunder.
I was camping dude just got done fucking this cops wife and your sister ....go to take s a shit n da bucket but only ripped a thunderass fart guess its a thunderbucket n ev a body n camp \ your mom's bed room ...hearded it n lafs so hard theyz Rollin on a groun sound of thunder there s even lightnen I thunked buttfuckin twas just flesh of camura what was takin pic. Sure of momma what had all dems Dingus s iner.
by Gerth Brooks field October 08, 2017
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