A woman continously grinding back and forth on the penis while having sex doggy style
by Ms Wet Wet May 13, 2008
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when one uses their ultimate strength and flexibility to shake their booty in a single motion, with elegance and skill, arching their back
this girl can throw it back
this girls batty is so tight, I wanna see her throw it back
watch that girl throwing it back
by fizzcrofts January 24, 2020
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When a person hyper extends their back creating a moon shaped body and a large bubble butt
Did you see Zander at the basketball game yesterday he was throwing it back.
by kreampiekenzy March 11, 2019
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Often used as a slang word “throw it backthe true definition of this word is a girl shaking her a** and making it pop!
Person 1: throw it back girl
Girl: alright *shakes booty in face*
by Athena_Amethyst February 12, 2020
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While males on top "giving it to her" Female throws motion back to him.
She throw it back, cause it make ha nut quicker .
by DhatBitch May 8, 2009
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JayP: "ayo... ima see you at the club tonight and you gunna throw it back.yeeeeesssss"
by billy bob jr. III May 2, 2008
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