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noun: a threeway relationship that benefits all parties involved while allowing each to fulfill different needs with the additional party; usually best suitable for a princess and two suitors
Kim would love to be in a throuble as that she needs someone to be the sugar daddy/sex fiend and another to be a source of intellectual and emotional stimulation.
by Lolatxn October 25, 2016
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Three or more people involved in a relationship. More than a couple.
Steve, Kevin and Parker are a throuble.
Kate, Jim and Debbie are a hot throuble.
Mark, Dave and Cheyenne are exploring the possibility of being a throuble.
Throubles have the best of it all
by flyingmonkee August 21, 2011
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A relationship with three persons. Could be any combination of male or female. The three have an exceptional strong connection, so much they can get into trouble and never get caught. They can also keep another out of trouble, if the stakes are too high.
Lee, Jess and Lis are a throuble, make stealing a bottle of champagne look like a class act.
by Doobie812 July 29, 2018
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