Mitch and Matt wanted to dock with each other. However, when a third mate showed up they had a 3 way docking session commonly known as the throck.
by Oonpreff December 29, 2018
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A phrase describing the curvature of one's penis. It is used in conjunction with left of right to describe the side to when the penis curves.
My weiner curves to the left, therefore I am throck morton left.
by peeweejd March 25, 2004
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In the medical field, Throck Morton's describes a situation in which a male's penis points to the affected leg or side.
Doctor: "This man's got a hairline fracture on the left proximal neck of the femur."

Nurse: "I don't see anything how can you tell?"

Doctor: "Throck Morton's on the left."
by super monkey man October 12, 2006
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people of the land of Mor (in Ireland) of the clan Throck.
(comes from ireland...)
by aaron June 06, 2004
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A medical term used to describe the orientation, as seen on an Xray,of a man's penis with respect to his lower extremity injury. A positive Throck-Morton sign is when the penis points to the side of the injury.
Senior Doctor: Mr. Jones has a femur and tibial fracture of his right leg.

Intern: Incidentally, I note on the x-ray that was taken of his pelvis that his johnson is pointing to the right - the same side as his injuries.

Senior Doctor: That, my young man, is a positive Throck Morton Sign.

Intern: I have so much to learn!

Senior Doctor: Indeed you do, indeed you do.
by RTA16 August 15, 2008
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The sound effect when a woman is giving oral sex to her boyfriend and he is hitting the back of throat
Bae! I’m not even really trying to go out tonight I’m just trying smoke and get some throck
by BIG THRACK November 12, 2021
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This is when a male is punched in the throat and cock!!
Andrew: Jess stop being a Bitch!!
Jess: Andrew I will throck punch you!!!
by cogswell82 July 01, 2016
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