The title you give someone who gives the best oral sex you've ever had in your life.
Friend: why do you still talk to that girl?
Me: because shes the throat goat..
by LetsGetPizzaPlz May 26, 2019
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A slooooooot that doesn’t need to come up for air when slurpin that nut straight from the source.
That girl Jessika is the original throat goat, She gobbled that thing so fast I got Down syndrome.
by Smdlymi July 18, 2020
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A female who is adept at sucking the soul out ya body. She is the goat wit that throat.
Aye bruh, how was last night? She let u hit?
Nah but I got that sloppy toppy
She any good?
She gave me the top wit no handles, bro she a throat goat
by Taking the Charles Dickens August 7, 2020
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Name for someone , mostly a girl ; who gives you the best mind blowing oral sex ever.
" yea , bro that bitch ate my dick up , she a real throat goat"
by tomboy princess April 27, 2021
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Example 1: Dude Billie is the fuckin throat goat, i'm gettin the pussy next time, fuck it.

Example 2: Yo, Tommy Sucked off both me and Xavi this morning. He's a fuckin throat goat bro
by junglefever74 September 15, 2023
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