Someone that religiously shops at Thrift Stores looking for bargains and often scores amazing deals. Often dedicated to recycling and reuse of products to keep our planet "greener".
"I'm a real fan of Thrift Stores. They call me a Thrifter, but in a good way! It's amazing the deals you can find. I found a beautiful designer handbag at one last week for $8.00!! Thrifting is my life - and reusing instead of throwing everything away is better for our environment"
by me.thrifty September 4, 2011
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A Thrifter is a low level player, or opportunist. In a broader sense, a thrifter is a purveyor of second-hand pleasures.

Based on the Jim Thompson novel and 90's film adaptation, "The Grifters," a thrifter is anyone who makes a living by scoring objects of worth from Grannie's yard-sale (i.e. suckers) and reselling them on Ebay or a Flea Market at a huge profit. True thrifters live in second-hand style, rocking used clothes, furniture, music, books, etc. Conversely, thrifter may also be used as a compliment.

Die-hard Thrifters end up owning boutiques, peddling antiques, old records, vintage clothing, or graduate to become pickers for Crate and Barrel, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Thrifters may ultimately learn a trade and become clothing designers ripping off designs from old clothing, or documentary directors, thrifting the pain and suffering of others for their own benefit.
Mom, that thrifter you gave my comics to has my X-men #64 up on Ebay for 500 bucks!

Molly Rigwald's character in "Pretty in Pink" is a total proto-thrifter.

That was a thrifter move, ganking my ideas for your TV pilot, and then sicking your lawyer on me when I complained. Thanks.

Katy Perry is a saucy little thrifter, i like how she rocks an up-do.
by Unlearny February 28, 2009
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An Indie Rock Band from Central New York who Sounds like a cross between The Shins and The Killers combining great lyrics and progressions with punchy basslines and intricate drumming.
Dude, I went and saw Thrifter last night and They were AWESOME!

I went to and listened to their music and DAMN they are good!
by Their Biggest Fan September 21, 2010
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The Thrifters
A Sick ass band on the rise fast in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Thrifters live show is soo good "And They Call Her Miss Leading" is So sick i love the different melodies and syncopated rhythms...

It's Goin Down - One of THE BEST underground releases out of Cleveland or Ohio for any matter.
by Pennsylvania Fan March 18, 2009
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Cleveland, Ohio rock band.
Killer live show, amazing sound.
"Dude, the Thrifters kicked ass at the show last night!"
by thriftfan July 11, 2008
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