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The useless person who sits in seat three in a eight for rowing.
What does threetard even do?
Nothing, they're just the extra body to make eight.
by Rowing August 28, 2012
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Noun. One step above conditional, behavioral retardation. The threetard, let it be noted, is not a variant of the classical use of "retard." Rather, one becomes a threetard through repeated indiscreet or moronic behavior. Therefore, the threetard monicker is one that is earned and is never in reference to the mentally handicapped.
You should have seen Billy at the dance with Sharon. He tried dancing the 'Macarena' to Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone.' What a total freakin' threetard! Dang.
by spacematic July 27, 2005
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Threetard noun: One who dislikes a newer version of the same video game that they played.Threetards will often play the same game that they claim to hate as much as someone who loves the game with little if any explanation for their hypocrisy.
The constant complaining in the video game series known as Halo was the inspiration for a word to descibe someone(Threetard) that perpetually insults the newer version of a series of any game released before to the game they currently play.Example:Game release one will be better than game two,game two will become the best when game three is released,game three will become the better than the forth release and so on and so on.This appears to be a newer phenomenon isolated to video games specificly the trasition from halo3 to halo reach,thusly the term threetard.
by Plunderfull November 09, 2011
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Anybody that hates on other people just because they have a different opinion on certain aspect of a video game. These people tend to be arrogant and ignorant people.\

These people, like plunderfull mentioned, would dislike a sequel of a certain game and like the old one. Also, they will attempt to make the sequel of the previous game exactly like the previous game. They degrade anyone who does likes the regular version of the sequel and dislikes the revised version of the sequel which is the same to the game before the sequel.
There are lots of threetards all over the internet.

A few threetards in the Bnet forums are:

Southpole, Kira Onime, eRage Sanctity, St3althsniper22, Sentox 6.
by The 1337 Truth November 13, 2011
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