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Noun (Slang) A euphenism for homosexual, generally a male homosexual. Compare to "Light in the Loafers", Limp Wristed", "Panty Waist", or "Candy Ass"
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Noun; A great band out of Chicago.
Charming and subversive without breaking a sweat, this Chicago rock band is a DIY favorite.
Defining post-punk attitudes with stinging guitars, catchy melodies, and an irresistibly pounding rhythm section,
THREE DOLLAR BILL hooks you with songs full of pleading desire, lust and rage.

What makes THREE DOLLAR BILL a rare catch is their knack of mixing metal edginess and puncrock
energies into a sound that becomes entirely their own. The haunting harmonies of The Breeders,
Sleater-Kinney and X; the guitar riffs of AC/DC; the political wit of the Dead Kennedys; the dissonance
of Nirvana, Sonic Youth and The Cure---THREE DOLLAR BILL hits on the nerve of Alternative and Indie
rockers alike.
The Three Dollar Bill show was amazing last night.
by Stokley January 17, 2005
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Older term that means extremely strange but is usually heard in reference to a gay person. There never was a three dollar bill...thus the rarity.
Hey Rufus, whatever happened to that guy down the street who always wore pink?

I dunno Henry, he was queer as a three dollar bill!
by thedzone October 7, 2009
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A denomination of money that is (gay) or gayer than any other bill. A three dollar bill was made popular by (joe exotic) and his (dirty joe exotic) addictive language and behaviors that can never be unseen.
I’m joe exotic and I’m gayer than a three dollar bill!
by BBQCJB April 16, 2020
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Not just any homosexual male but one that makes a huge show of their sexual orientation and makes it very obvious what their tendencies are.
gay guy: Heyyyyyyyy boo! you look FABULOUS!
straight person: He's gayer than a three-dollar bill!
by orientalchicken December 17, 2015
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