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A denomination of money that is (gay) or gayer than any other bill. A three dollar bill was made popular by (joe exotic) and his (dirty joe exotic) addictive language and behaviors that can never be unseen.
I’m joe exotic and I’m gayer than a three dollar bill!
by BBQCJB April 16, 2020
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A man who married a lot of (straight) men. A man who is gayer than a three dollar bill. A man who enjoyed (drugs) (tigers) and talking trash about that bitch (Carole baskin) who knows on a scale of one to sardine oil, she knows what happened to her ex husband! He’s as sure as a bleached mullet and hanging on stronger than a damn eyebrow ring on some good ole southern (alligator) skin.
Dirty Joe Exotic is honest down to the bones of expired Walmart meat lovers pizza served fresh and hot off the salmonella truck.
by BBQCJB April 16, 2020
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