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3 definitions by Zero1984_Politically INcorrect

Noun (Slang) A euphenism for homosexual, generally a male homosexual. Compare to "Light in the Loafers", Limp Wristed", "Panty Waist", or "Candy Ass"
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Noun (slang, racial slur) Any of various styles of music usually peformed and usually written by afro americans. Includes the following genres: Rap, Hip Hop, Funk, some Jazz, most Rythym & Blues, Black Gospel, and "Urban Contemporary"
Turn that hip hop off, I'm sick and tired of hearing that nigger music blaring
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Noun (slang){racial slur} Any dark skinned person, usually refers to a african american person. Analogy to the brown color of both.
See Coon,Jig,Nigger,Spade
"There's another shitskin, with a affirmative action quota job he's not qualified for, buying a Lexus"
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