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While driving,walking,or running you weave in and out of obstacles (other cars, people, etc.) in your path.
Last night while driving I was threading the needle an made it home in half the time!
by Eliot The Great July 15, 2014
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The act of killing someone in a shooter game by shooting the bullet through a narrow space at distance . Usually done with a sniper rifle and with only one shot.
Gamer : Dude i was playing Bad Company 2 and all i could see was this campers scalp about half the map away between two hummers through my scope one shot one kill.

Gamers Friend : Dude that's called threading the needle your a bad ass!!
by Cadmb3 March 31, 2011
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When you sleep in your boxers and in the middle of the night your woodie works its way through the little hole in your chonies.
Andrew: Man I was really threading the needle last night when I woke up to this weird dream about the Cowboys.
Jessie: Damn, my rod got stuck and my undies gave my pee hole a wedgie. Woke me up out of a great sleep.

Andrew: I thought I heard you wailing "oh no!" last night.
by JaySteeze January 02, 2015
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Rubbing a penis in-between two vaginas pressed against each other
When in a threesome with two girls, threading the needle is the best way to please them both at the same time with the same cock.
by SentientDreamer January 19, 2017
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A person is taking a dump, and a person has to piss. So the person pisses between the poopers legs without splashing or dribbling.
by Jeff Bohagen March 18, 2009
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