A fat white kid who enjoys sticking GI Joe's up his anus during his spare time normally occurs in BC.
thor A fat white kid who enjoys sticking GI Joe's up his anus during his spare time normally occurs in BC.
by Cracalacin Camron Jacklin October 28, 2008
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someone or something that can be classified as stupid or unfortunate
Ew, Jaime is so thor!
by kira smith January 21, 2005
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one of the dumbest superheros ever. if he was a god why did they even make a comic of him, of course he will win.
i am Thor, i took over a guys body and now he is thor, lets go throw hammers like a lumberjacks
by madjack July 13, 2004
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Used in conversation describing ones mistake,stupidity,carelessness.
#Ali spilled water on his shirt
Abu:You're very thor ,so big still spill water .
#Ali accidentally left his homework at home
Abu:You very thor
#Ali din't do his homework
Abu:You very thor
by ahzhe99 August 19, 2013
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Thor is the subject, in modern society, of a dualistic nature. In Norse Mythology, Thor is known as the son of Odin, wields the magic hammer, Mjolnir, and he is killed by the Midgard Serpent, Jormagund. But recently, through divine intervention, he has been revived through his eternal tie with the nectar of the Gods, beer. If Thor drank a beer now, its name would be Keystone Light and he would drink every Friday night in Morgantown at the CFC.

Thor is known through cult worship now as the God of the ancient practice of "beer pong."

What is "beer pong" you ask? Though its true meaning was lost some 2500 years ago, it still lives on within the heart of every college student in America. The "game" "beer pong" was originally created by the Norse Gods as a way to ease their stress in a competitive, heterosexual way. One God in particular excelled at the "game," Thor, and he gained much insight into celestial knowledge through it. In fact he was so infatuated with "beer pong" that he snuck it to the mortals on Earth behind the other God's backs, so they too could revel in its glory. Soon the people of Earth loved "beer pong" and all was good in the land.

Shortly after Thor was killed by Jormagund and the people lamented his death. "Beer pong" was ceased for seven years among Norse tribes after Thor's demise, in respect for its patron saint. The ancient practice soon fell into oblivion along with the Viking Boy Band, The Back-Fjord Boys and also a popular dance craze called, Smite the Christian.

Some 2500 years later, the spirit of Thor was revived and he once again bestowed the game "beer pong" upon the college students of America, who are known as the "chosen ones."

To this day Thor can beat anyone at beer pong and can still drink them under the table. Thor currently resides in Morgantown with his 157 wives which he rails every night...in succession, without respite. He also attends CFC every Friday night and manifests himself in human form within a lucky contender...usually Mon.

And the story continues...
My God, (insert name) is amazing, he owned that 1, 4, 6 split! The divine presence of Thor must be with him on this night.
by E-65 October 07, 2006
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in the language Amharic

"war" ---> also means "month" in Amharic
Ethiopians talking ----- "ere guudfellabachwe...thor ent legbu naw" "frenge miskyen" "und war kire thor net lejmer..."
by teniscourt June 05, 2013
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1. to be awesome beyond contemplation 2. to be so good looking that one is attractive to every person in a mile diameter 3. to be incredibly smart and be above Einsteins level of smartness 3. Be a god in human form 5. To have people begging you to be their god and all ruling leader


1. one who is awesome beyond contemplation (not to be confused with one who is "pious beyond reason") 2. one who destroys in all that he/she does


1. to thor someone so badly the thored person begs to "take it in the face" 2. to win at a competetion so completely that the loser is glad to have lost 3. to commit an act of awesome or divine magnitude
"That stunt is so thorly."

"Man: That man is thorly enough to make me gay even though I am super straight and he is awesome and super handsome. Multiple Women: We agree."

"That thor aced the test."

"Kobe Bryant almost dunked that ball thorly but even he was not good or worthy enough.

"The world's greatest person was beaten in karate death combat by a Sigthor."

"Man! Incredibly smart thor here won in incredible fashion at chinese chess again!"


"Loser: Dude...I am not ashamed there was no way I would win. You thored me. May I take it in the face? Humble Victor: No you do not deserve to take it in the face from me."
"Jesus thored those Romans."
"He walked into the room so thorly that everyone swarmed him trying to get a piece of his sexy and lovely body."
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by Harambe4prez December 01, 2016
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