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A word that has so many definitions no-one really knows what the fuck it means now.
"Wow, are you a goth?"
"Man I don't know..."
by ketter September 28, 2005
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Norse god of Thunder. Can drink anyone under the table. Not a deity to fuck with.
Don't fuck with the Thor.
by ketter September 28, 2005
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Post-medieval witch hunt, and testiment to mankind's inherent flaws which will inevitably lead to its own destruction.
After ages of prosecuting christians, jews, freemasons, pagans and communists, we still haven't learned anything, really.
by Ketter February 14, 2005
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The famous "special move" of the late Bruce Lee, based on a technique known in kung fu as "fa jing", which can be described with the following example: you know that when you try to get a tree out of a garden or a nail out of a piece of wood, you tend to jerk at it repeatedly, rather than pull continuously? It's sort of like that: by moving a part of his body with a quick jerk, rather than a constant force, Bruce Lee (and probably quite a few skilled kung fu practicioners) was able to release a large force from a seemingly short distance.
Some examples of fa jing can be found in tai chi and wing chun I think.
by ketter June 07, 2005
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1. Society's reset-button.

2. Term in the punk-movement, rendered meaningless due to overuse.
1. The next world war.

2. Look at the big red mark on the back of just about anyone with a mohawk. I mean, apart from native Americans.
by Ketter February 16, 2005
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An artist that has chosen - strangely enough - not to limit himself to only one sound or musical genre. Seems a bit out of place in the dog eat dog music industry, due to his apparent quirkiness and modesty.
On a side note, his Scottish accent is pretty awesome.
by ketter June 09, 2005
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