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To be gay and/or queer
Y'all hella thomp!
Your brother is hella thomp.
Those shoes look hella thomp.
by Chronic_slayer June 11, 2014
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Thomp is a slang term for any STD. Symptoms of "the thomp" generally include redenss, itching, soars, and/or greeninsh or yellowish discharge. Possible side effects are: Very strong smell, very contagious.
Example #1:
Sally: So I heard you got the thomp, aye?
Brittany: Yeah, its really itchy down there..

Example #2:

Timmy: I fucked this chick last night, and I think she had the thomp.
Thomas: Ewhh. I had that once, my dick was green for a week!

Example #3:
Ashley: If I fuck you, I better not get any thomp!
Tony: I'm not making any promises.
by Mervin Halkings December 12, 2009
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