The row in the the back of the car full of rejects that were not allowed to sit anywhere else because of their differences from the natural world. In the beginning of trips they seem perfect normal, but then turn into a group of crazed hooligans. However, they are not gay like the middle row. They have their own fun making jokes that seem stupid but are really the highlight of the trip. Remember this middle row: ignorance is bliss.
Katie: Everyone in the back row is acting weird they definitely have turned third row on us.
Scott: Yeah definitely but i guess that means our row is gay now
Katie: Yeah i wish that i was sitting back there they always have the most fun.
by Its Dennis August 11, 2006
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A term simmilar to "Getting Head" meaning reciving a blowjob. Also known as having a girl/guy suckle on your cockor pussy.
Guy 1: Dude... did you hear about Derek getting third row from
Guy 2: Seriously?
Guy 1: Yep.
Guy 2: Dude... that fucking pedophile lets go make fun of him.
by Caffeinecrazykid May 1, 2006
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