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A show not actually filmed in Orange County but an area near it. The show is dispised by everyone who lives in Orange County because it depicts their town as far easier to get pussy than it realy is. The Real OC is inhabited by many cock gobblering faggots who enjoy listening to KMK. Most of them are detriments to secioty and should be shot. This does not speak for the entire inhabitents of "The OC" though. There are many people who do not enjoy Suckeling cock living there.
Person 1: Hey are you from the OC?
Person 2: Ya...
Person 1: WOAH!!! you get tons of pussy dont you!!!
Person 2: No...
Person 1: do u listen to KmK?
Person 2: no.
by Caffeinecrazykid April 30, 2006
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A term simmilar to "Getting Head" meaning reciving a blowjob. Also known as having a girl/guy suckle on your cockor pussy.
Guy 1: Dude... did you hear about Derek getting third row from
Guy 2: Seriously?
Guy 1: Yep.
Guy 2: Dude... that fucking pedophile lets go make fun of him.
by Caffeinecrazykid April 30, 2006
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