When a guy takes off his jacket in the cold and gives it to a girl. Normally done by the guy to show that he cares about / likes the girl.
Amelia: How did your first date go?
Thomas: It was perfect imo. I even did the jacket thing!
Amelia: Awwwwww!
by General Tom October 22, 2019
A celestial beast, a being who shan’t be challenged due to his great power. Comes in many forms and like Thanksgiving and Christmas
Guy 1: Oh shit is that fat thing?

Guy 2: Yea, he’s in his Santa form right now
by fat thing December 1, 2020
A man on tik tok who thinks he's maveric, iron man, thor and he has a hulk. Ok?
by Ethansbigpenis August 7, 2022
it is something that you do with your eyebrow you point it up and act like you mad
by McDonaldsIsCool February 25, 2019
Slang term or masturbating or other personal sexual activities
Her:Hey whatcha doing?
Him:Stuff and things
by Mysterium756 August 21, 2022
When someone tells you this, this means that they care about you and that they really appreciate that certain thing about you. cherish the people who say those and make sure you say something nice back;)
I like to make people laugh”- You
You know what, that’s my favorite thing about you”-him/her
by naturevalleygirl June 4, 2019