When you mean to use the word thing but say person instead and then try to correct yourself.
That's a nice person-thing for you to do.
by Gammatical March 1, 2021
When you cheated on someone but you excuse it as something that "just happened" and you didn't want it to. It rarely works because you're a human being and you can control your actions.
Jake: Babe sorry we were just hanging out, I complemented her makeup, and one thing led to another, I didn't mean it

Mary: Yeah right, we're done Jake!
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx June 13, 2020
Something ridiculous, hard to believe or something which can never exist or happen
Bro 1:- bro fouzia thinks she's the perfect girl
Bro 2:- bro that's the most chutiya thing I've ever heard
by VirginMojitooo October 6, 2022
One of the Cat in the Hat’s alien slaves who does not have a name and is labeled thing 1
Guy 1: Have you seen thing 1
Guy 2: Yeah he’s sleeping in the back of Cat in the Hats flying car.
by EpicLLama May 1, 2021
"All 7 Things and AAAAAHHHH come here, you all are in trouble" -Mom

"AAAAAHHHH, the WiFi is out" -Mom
"Mom, I can't fix that" -AAAAAHHHH

"Oh AAAAAHHHH sweetheart, I wasn't talking to you, I was screaming because the WiFi went out" -Mom

"Thing 1, come here!" -Mom

"Coming mom" -Thing 1

"No, I said Thing 1 not Thing 2" -Mom
"But Mom I am Thing 1" -Thing 1

"Oh sorry sweetheart you things look a lot alike" -Mom

They all have actual names, but they all started with "J" and it was too hard to remember, so I changed their names to Thing 1-7 and the troublemaker to AAAAAHHHH
The bottom line is that this doesn't really have a definition. It's just what the hell is the name of the container butter comes in?!
by The Govenor May 18, 2020