Chocolate mint flavored cookie that you can get from girl scouts.
Hey you want a thin mint cookie?
I would love all the thin mint cookies in the WORLD!!!
by bobbyjoetree February 21, 2017
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Lil Thin Mint is a startup rapper that you ain't never heard of.
Kanye West is a Lil Thin Mint
by Mr. Thin Mint January 21, 2019
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The most terrifying being in this universe, he could kill you in 3,000 different ways right now, including screwing you to death. It is said he could eat Saturn in one bite. Known for being very skinny, respect the Thin Mint, or die.
Some Guy: Thin Mint Perry is kinda garba-
And he was never heard from again.
by Some Chad October 11, 2019
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A term used to describe a grain of marijuana
"Aye bro you got some weed?"

"He'll yeah I got them thin mint cookies weed kush grain
by BrazyRyan March 23, 2016
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