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This is used to describe an extremely bottom heavy person.

In other words a shelfy ass that extends infinitely to the foot. This is a step above Cankles.
Shaqueefa: "Snaps gurl, Rashonda must be killin dat Popeyes chik'n?"

Sha'neequa: "Yep, for sho doe them cankles be turnin into thighkles real quik"
by Grizzly August 28, 2009
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Ankles that exceed the limit of excess. Bigger than cankles.
Can you find socks to fit over those thighkles.
by Roix March 20, 2006
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An Ankle that is on a fat person. This is when the Thigh seems to merge into the ankle to form a large mass of fat with no definition. People with Thighkles usually suck at everything. Especially sports, school and social life.
Jay "Cankles" is a perfect example!
by CANKLE CRUSHER May 25, 2005
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