The ability to withstand criticism and show no signs of any criticism you may receive getting to you.
Famous spokespeople often have to have a thick skin.
by MarcCapa February 14, 2009
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The ability to have no fear and let bullets ricochet on you.
" I was born with thick skin." Manny Pardo - 1991
by Pardo's mom November 16, 2016
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not easily bothered by things; not really all that emotional or sensitive
Skyler was very sensitive.. so she wasn't thick-skinned
by kaaaaylie! October 13, 2008
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A phrase that is a huge middle finger to bullying victims.

A victim blaming phrase at best.

Anyone who says it to a bullying victim usually never experienced it, or is a bully themselves.
Person 1: I got shoved to the ground, beaten up, and spat on.

Person 2: Grow a thick skin

Person 3: Bitch! We had enough of you going around blaming bullying victims!

Shoots Person 2
by Maya Butreeks June 15, 2022
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