Phrase of outcry created by South Park in response to the influx of immigrants stealing American jobs.
"I lost my job as a delivery man because those goobacks came in and did the same work for less, THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!"
by Bob April 29, 2004
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As seen in South Park when people from the future came and took their jobs for less
Darryl Weathers: All right! So, any ideas how we can stop the future from happening? pause
Chet: How about we cause more global warming, so that in the future, the polar ice caps melt, and and it ushers in a new ice age?

Darryl Weathers: pause How the hell is global warming gonna cause an ice age?!

Chet: Well you know, the... global warming could bring on like a climate shift or somethin'?

Darryl Weathers: Chet, you are a f***in' retard, you know that?! Even if global warming were real, which all proven scientific data shows it isn't, it would take millions of years for a climate shift to happen! You think an ice age can just happen all of a sudden-like?

Chet: Well I was just tryin' to be helpful.

Darryl Weathers: Well help yourself to a f***in' science book, 'cause you're talkin' like a f***in' retard! Now, come on people, we've got to think! Damnit, they took our jaorbs!

Men: randomly They took our jobs!

Man: Dey Tuk R Jarbs!
by Gooback August 01, 2004
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A phrase coined by South Park, used when the "Goobacks," time immigrants from the future take the citizens of South Park's jobs by working for next to nothing.
"Let me show you to the coffee room, Mr. Glurrk."

Randy Marsh: (gasp) "They took my JOB!"

Stan Marsh: "They took yer job!"


"Alright everyone, back to the pile."

"Back to the pile everyone, c'mon"

"Back to the pile!"

"Durk our durrr!"
by Durk Our DURR!!! August 24, 2004
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Can only be pronouced 'dey tk oor jerbs', and is usually said in a high pitched wail. Is the main argument against immigrants coming into countries, and is the slogan of many workers unions. Many people say "They are taking our jobs" or "We are losing our jobs", but the grammatically correct way to say it is: 'dey tk oor jerbs' or in writing: 'they took our jobs'
"I think we should allow immigrants into the country, they will benefit the economy"

"bt dey tk oor jobs.

"Yeh, they took our jobs"

"That's not how to say it!"

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