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As seen in South Park when people from the future came and took their jobs for less
Darryl Weathers: All right! So, any ideas how we can stop the future from happening? pause
Chet: How about we cause more global warming, so that in the future, the polar ice caps melt, and and it ushers in a new ice age?

Darryl Weathers: pause How the hell is global warming gonna cause an ice age?!

Chet: Well you know, the... global warming could bring on like a climate shift or somethin'?

Darryl Weathers: Chet, you are a f***in' retard, you know that?! Even if global warming were real, which all proven scientific data shows it isn't, it would take millions of years for a climate shift to happen! You think an ice age can just happen all of a sudden-like?

Chet: Well I was just tryin' to be helpful.

Darryl Weathers: Well help yourself to a f***in' science book, 'cause you're talkin' like a f***in' retard! Now, come on people, we've got to think! Damnit, they took our jaorbs!

Men: randomly They took our jobs!

Man: Dey Tuk R Jarbs!
by Gooback August 01, 2004

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