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Herpes contracted from a thot within your range.
Yo I banged that thot last night and now my balls itch. I think I got therpes.
by Littlesam July 08, 2014
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Therpes is a serious disease,and can cause cold sores,belly pains,delusions,headaches,severe bleeding,and mental problems.
Therpes are also a drug,and it is a miracle drug.The weirdest part of Therpe's is that it is a homemade virus.It was created.mixed with herpes,diarrhea,Alzheimer's,AIDS,Tetanus,and Ebola.They believe it was originated from the Antarctica,and was originally going to be used for warfare.But if this devastating drug is ever mixed with methane.It could spread,and so it is contained in the facility.But most people believe Therpes was and always has been here on earth,and had killed everyone in Roanoke.There is one thing that is the most scariest of Therpes.It eats oil ,and could cause the reason of the loss of so much oil.
There also is another thing because Therpes is mostly spread because of oil and more natural causes.
Therpes is not popular,and is very common.At least 10,000,000 people die each year because of therpes.
But it is hidden because of those symptoms.
I have Therpes!
by psun3 June 12, 2018
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