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A place where you do sex with woman and stuff.
Whorehouses are innapropriate and if you want to see one.
You'll have to pay,and go in to actually see the inside of the whorehouse.
It's actually a bunch of girls together,and then they are payed to do sex.
There a huge difference between gay and lesbian people.
Welcome to the whorehouse
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by psun3 July 01, 2018

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The definition is that a person who is bad or someone who is horrible and is a dick and likes to poop on your shoe
a fucking dick crapper defininetly doesn't know how to drive.
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by psun3 May 09, 2018

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Therpes is a serious disease,and can cause cold sores,belly pains,delusions,headaches,severe bleeding,and mental problems.
Therpes are also a drug,and it is a miracle drug.The weirdest part of Therpe's is that it is a homemade virus.It was created.mixed with herpes,diarrhea,Alzheimer's,AIDS,Tetanus,and Ebola.They believe it was originated from the Antarctica,and was originally going to be used for warfare.But if this devastating drug is ever mixed with methane.It could spread,and so it is contained in the facility.But most people believe Therpes was and always has been here on earth,and had killed everyone in Roanoke.There is one thing that is the most scariest of Therpes.It eats oil ,and could cause the reason of the loss of so much oil.
There also is another thing because Therpes is mostly spread because of oil and more natural causes.
Therpes is not popular,and is very common.At least 10,000,000 people die each year because of therpes.
But it is hidden because of those symptoms.
I have Therpes!
by psun3 June 03, 2018

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A man with very big butt with ebola
yo sir buttebola
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by psun3 June 03, 2018

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Death is a large part of life,and most people like it.
Suicide is death committing it is like having suicide,and one of the most bloodiest was doing it in front of a live TV audience.
"1. Blowing your head off on live TV.
In July 1974, Florida morning TV talk-show chatterbox Christine Chubbuck announced to her viewers, “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first—attempted suicide.” She then pulled out a revolver and shot a bullet into her skull. (See also “R. Budd Dwyer.” Actually, don’t see that footage if you can avoid it, because you’ll never erase it from your brain.)".This data is from thought catalog.
Homocide,Now you all know about XxxTentacionxxX and more.here is one more bloody murder its absolute ###########################.So yeah just yeah.
anyway death is disgusting but I hope you enjoy it!
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by psun3 July 01, 2018

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