A movie about guys that would do anything to get with Mary.
Darryl, if you paid Jack Tatum to put you in that wheelchair to get with Mary, you should know that Mary was always a Niners fan. It would never work out between her and a Patriots wide receiver. There's something about Mary, isn't there?
by The Original Agahnim June 24, 2021
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when a man is goin to a club/party/date to avoid bonerisation,premature jizzin or antsyness he lugs one out prior to take off
man,thank god i had a something about mary before we left cuz that girls is to hawt!!
by graham grundle pony July 28, 2008
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1. Like the character Ben Stiller played in the movie "There's Something About Mary," the person suffering from this condition still has a strong love for a high school sweatheart, even after years of separation.
2. Like Cameron Diaz's character, this syndrome my also deal with a person stuck between two or more choices of potential partners, in which the person with said syndrome cannot choose who he/she wants.

-can be abbreviated to TSAMS
1. "Hey Brian, I saw Judy for the first time in 7 years"

"Dude, you're suffering from There's Something About Mary Syndrome."

2. "Ugh I can't choose between Brett, George, And Tom"

"Yeah TSAMS really sucks, doesn't it?"
by benny stiler September 8, 2009
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