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A mental disorder that causes the sufferer to imagine that the United States is a theocracy run by fundamentalist Christians. Often leads to an extreme distrust of Christians, or least those that don't subscribe to liberal theology. Very common among secular leftists. The funny thing is:
(1). The devotion these people show towards the seperation of church and state that rivals the devotion their percieved enemies hold towards their religion.
(2). Those who believe this also believe that fundamentalist Christians (the ones running the theocracy) are too stupid to run a nation.
Theocracy Paranoia is foolish. The First Amendment ensures that establishing a theocratic government is impossible. Many Christians also oppose a theocracy, because they know that the merging of church and state that theocracy entails would cause the church to become lazy, inefficient, and corrupt.
by Anonymous debunker of myths August 30, 2008
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