Thek also known as 'thick' he is a thickly pleasing hexagone.
My son was looking thek in that dress

My son was built like a thekaxagon

My son got Thexatitis T

My boyfriend is thekxy
by thekekskdna anfkfkbfk February 13, 2019
A combination of the phrase "What the heck". Just a shorter faster way of saying it.
What thek dude...
by flomarius August 21, 2010
A racist term coined in the American Indian Wars to describe the Salteaux Natives.
Originally used to describe criminals or racists, later used by the Confederate States to describe the Salteaux in a derogatory manner
"These Fee-Thek scum scalped 5 of them in one night." -Diary of Joseph Almond Acker, 44th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
by YAMOLO April 30, 2020